Zoom!® is the incredible chairside whitening treatment that will give you beautiful white teeth in a single dental visit. Using an effective tooth whitening advanced method, Zoom!® is completely painless and gives amazing results. 


Zoom!® Tooth Whitening is Different 

Unlike those over the counter gels, strips and pastes you purchase from your local pharmacy, Zoom!® is a professional teeth whitening treatment that will get your teeth whiter. With Zoom!® from Nuvo Dental, your teeth can be lightened up to 10 shades in about an hour. 

Non-prescription whitening agents aren’t as powerful as professional tooth whitening products. Professional teeth whitening agents also use hydrogen peroxide, but it is much stronger. 

How is Zoom!® Tooth Whitening Applied? 

Before your treatment, you will consult with Nuvo Dental who will explain the procedure. On the day of your treatment, your teeth will be deep cleaned to remove excess plaque and debris. 

Once your teeth have been cleaned, cheek retractors will be placed so that your teeth are exposed. Once satisfied, your cosmetic dentist in Irvine will apply the sensitivity reducer and the whitening gel. A halide light is applied, which activates the gel. The gel will be removed, rinsed, and reapplied after 15 minutes with the final application staying on your teeth for an additional 15 minutes.

The Advantages of Zoom!®

  • Faster Treatment Time
  • All Teeth Treated at Once
  • Lasts Longer
  • Less Sensitivity
  • Removes Stains on Dental Restorations
  • It’s Safe 

Teeth become stained over time. Red wine, tobacco, and age are all factors when it comes to stained teeth. However, what caused the staining in the first place can easily happen again. Make sure that you brush and floss and schedule occasional Zoom!® re-treatments. 

If you have always wanted a brighter smile, call or click and schedule an appointment with Nuvo Dental in Irvine. You really can have a beautiful smile in a single dental visit. Call for more information regarding Zoom!® today. 

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