A whiter smile is possible, even before Christmas Day. When you schedule an appointment with Nuvo Dental in Irvine you’ll walk in with a  less than attractive yellowed smile and walk out with a brand new grin. Unlike other types of in office tooth whitening no heat or lasers are used which means no radiation. This makes the BriteSmile® system from Nuvo Dental in Irvine incomparable. 

Professional Tooth Whitening with BriteSmile® 

The quick and safe way to lighten your smile up to 14 shades, BriteSmile® is gentle and effective. The only professional tooth whitening system to consider takes just one hour and restores the natural color of your pearly whites using a combination of a blue light lamp that speeds up the tooth whitening procedure.  

The BriteSmile® gel prevents tooth dehydration because of its high viscosity. Consequently, the results last much longer than other types of conventional chairside tooth whitening. 

Is Everyone a Good Candidate for BriteSmile®? 

Like other types of professional tooth whitening treatments, your teeth need to be healthy and strong. Your gums must be free from gum disease and dental caries. Nuvo Dental of Irvine will take care of your problems before proceeding with professional tooth whitening. If you have deep intrinsic staining or dental restorations BriteSmile® will not be effective. 

Professional tooth whitening from Nuvo dental works for tobacco stains, food and drink stains, yellowing teeth, teeth stained from again, grey teeth and organic staining. 

Do My Teeth Need to Be Prepped Before Professional Tooth Whitening? 

You will get the best results from BriteSmile® with clean and healthy teeth. Nuvo Dental of Irvine recommends a professional cleaning before tooth whitening. During your examination your teeth will be checked for decay, cracks or chips. 

The Final BriteSmile® Results 

Once your teeth have been whitened you may be given a set of customized whitening trays to take home. BriteSmile® lasts a long time with proper oral hygiene, but red wine consumption and tobacco use can quickly restain your teeth. 

If the holidays are getting you down because of your smile, call or click and schedule an appointment with Nuvo Dental of Irvine. BriteSmile® is the way to a happier you. 

Call for an appointment today. 

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